Welcome to I’m Tiny and Fierce


We created I'm Tiny and Fierce to provide safe, durable, sustainable products for parents of young children. The baby and toddler years are a special time for your child to develop skills and independence, and we understand that they have specific needs. Our products support nurturing tiny ones through all the precious moments of these amazing years as they grow and change.

My daughter is five now and I remember (what feels like only yesterday) when I introduced her to solids- It was such an exciting milestone in her development but also an exhausting process figuring out which foods she liked and which ones she didn't like. I searched for hours on end trying to find the perfect food, and utensils for my tiny one and decided there had to be an easier way! That's why I created I'm Tiny and Fierce: a one- stop-shop for all your mealtime and playtime needs.

We want to not only provide the best for your children, but also offer opportunities for growth and learning through our products. As our brand grows so will add more exciting products to our range, thank you for follow our journey.


                                      LOVE I'm Tiny and Fierce Xo