At I’m Tiny and Fierce, every product we offer is eco-friendly, and sustainable; they will grow with your baby into toddlerhood and beyond. Their sweet little hands are busy building muscles and coordination that they will use for a lifetime. By offering them the best tools, and including mealtime in their play, you are providing an exciting way to nurture development while spending priceless time with your little one.

Sage Feeding Set- baby feeding set made from high food grade silicone

    Feeding your tiny one without making a mess can feel almost impossible. But with our Suction bowls and plates, mealtime is a dream! These cleverly designed tableware will stick to most surfaces, so you can rest assured that your tiny one won't be knocking it off any time soon.

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You will find that each of our products is created with little one’s safety in mind. The soft, BPA free silicone guarantees that your child will stay healthy and happy. Our products come in a variety of soft pastel colours appealing to all, and the best part is each product is heat and dishwasher safe for easy use and clean up.